enter The Alumnus

Once upon a time, I was busy taking notes. Sitting at the feet of lecturers, eager to inhale their accumulated wisdom, convinced that they had all the answers.

I got my exam and was fortunate to find challenging work among great colleagues. Years went by. Some scribbled notes never came to use. Certain concepts helped save the day.

The world has changed. So have I. By now, I know a thing or two about what works and what doesn't.

There comes a time for giving back. 'tis the season for an alumnus.


never again

To me, studying was always boring, bordering on burdensome. Never again, I told myself upon getting my exam in Systems Science.

That forecast seemed to hold water. 15+ years later did I hesitantly return for some Security Informatics. And some more. Plus a dose of Criminology. Followed by Decision-, Risk- and Policy Analysis...

And, guess what? Now, at long last, I enjoy myself. Lectures are interesting, assignments meaningful, interacting with other students often a delight.

So, what happened?