lessons from Överhogdal

Imagery from Wikimedia Commons (link)

In a store-shed by Överhogdal church, artist Paul Jonze made a stunning discovery in 1910. Laying like a large rug on the floor was a long-forgotten tapestry.

This textile treasure has been dated to the Viking Age and is by far the crown jewel of the county museum Jamtli where I've been privileged to experience it several times. 

Textile artwork is certainly not my speciality but the Överhogdal tapestries are a great illustration of the challenges in preserving information. Archiving 101, if you will.


ten years on Twitter

So, today it's been ten years.
I recall the feeling when Twitter was new. Open, global dialogue. As a user, I was in control. There were no curating algorithms adding unwanted content - promoted tweets, "while you were away" and such nonsense. My feed was mine, simple as that. I'd be happy to pay for a subscription and get rid of the noise. Would you?

I've learned so much there, built a network, found inspiration.

Most of the magic is gone, but for lack of a viable alternative I will be hanging on. Will you?