on Information Risk Maturity in Östersund

From critical thinking to practical impact - returning from SRA Europe in Östersund. Not being a researcher, I'm obviously more of the "practical impact" type. My contribution was a talk about Information Risk Maturity.

I'd like to think this marks a new phase for me. From attending product conferences to attending academic conferences to giving presentations there as well.

There's no shortage of sophisticated theories on risk. I chose to share a low-entry approach from the industry. The slides are here.


Teknisk informationssäkerhet - on crashes and prevention

Teknisk informationssäkerhet at DF Kompetens saw a large group of curious and knowledgeable attendants.

Using an airplane/mountain analogy, Åke Ljungqvist illustrated disk crashes with painful clarity.

Michael Westlund trained us in digital self defence.

Lars Johansson took us on a guided tour through the history of cryptography, from foundations to Tor networks.

We practiced threat analysis using the STRIDE model and ranked preventive InfoSec measures when travelling. Three jam-packed days went by quickly.