Trust me!

Seven political parties share 349 seats in our Riksdag. How much faith do you have in the respective party chairs? This question is repeated regularly in a national poll. In the recent survey, opposition leader Reinfeldt was considered most trustworthy, slightly ahead of Prime Minister Persson who has seen a steady decline in confidence over the last three years.

What makes a politician (or any leader for that matter) trustworthy? Reinfeldt is a nice chap (I would probably have voted for his party today) but he was elected party chair recently and since the Moderates spend most of their time in opposition we haven’t seen his qualities as a national leader. Reinfeldt has made a sharp turn towards the center, abandoning a lot of hard-line liberal positions and making him and the party sound a lot like the Labor party. Whether this is good tactics remains to be seen in the next election September 2006. But is it credible? When is the next change due? In whom do we trust?

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