dab-i-doo (I do)

Updating the DAB story... I finally decided to face my responsibilities as a citizen of the digital age and get myself a digital radio.

When my TV broke down a couple of years ago I imagined I’d have that fixed in a jiffy. But I soon discovered how much time I “saved” by not watching (at best) semi-intelligent televised stuff and these days I have no intention of re-enabling television in my home. Not a chance.

Radio is different. Radio is for people with imagination. Radio is cultured. Radio can be enjoyed while watching the sunrise. Or while closing my eyes and relaxing. Or just about anything. Radio is a non-intrusive resource. And from now on, my radio is digital.

The sound is great, there is additional information (for example what song is playing now) in the display and I get six new non-FM-channels. Future receiver models will even provide pause or rewind if I have to take a phone call or need to go get a pen to write something down.

So I’ve done my part, I’ve joined the tiny DAB-population and now I expect our minister for culture to put together a comprehensive strategy incorporating commercial as well as public radio. Ten years of experimenting without listeners is quite enough.

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