No gas, no direction

Sweden continues through a phase of jobless growth. Any quarter now things will begin to look brighter! So we’ve been told for years. The phenomenon is not unique to Sweden but our dysfunctional labor market makes matters worse. 

Time is running out for the government so they’ve announced a big scheme to create jobs in the public sector. This is yet another temporary effort designed to fix permanent structural faults. It has nothing to do with the creation of real jobs. It has everything to do with an upcoming election. PM Persson intends to bring down the unemployment figures, no matter how. With no idea about how to solve the real problem he wants to appear energetic and committed. With an oversized public sector and extreme levels of taxation he intends to spend even more tax money on temporarily expanding the public sector. His concept is embarrassing at best. 

No gas, no direction. Power without vision. The Labor party has reached the end of the road. Sweden needs a change.

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