home sweet home

Meanwhile in a small house, life goes on.
Days are still short so the lights go on and off. One of them stays on all night until sunrise.
The house signals warmth and comfort in the coldest of months.
No doubt busy residents are happily pursuing their daily routines.

There's just one thing.

Outside, around the little house and all the way up to the small road nearby lays a thick blanket of untouched snow. Half a meter of accumulated precipitation is proof beyond reasonable doubt that noone has been walking to or from the house for a month. At least.

So, who are you kidding?


Jenny said...

I know a house like that, I pass it every now and then. The neighbours have made a narrow walking path between the mailbox and the door - but the car is parked in a carport with a full yard of snow. It would be nice, if it was really so - that a familly could go about their daily lives and just not use their car for a month or so.

Well, I guess they COULD - but it's just not very likely.

stromsjo said...

Those of us who somehow managed to reach the golden middle age before taking a driving license would suggest that they COULD, in fact...


Jenny said...

Hihi, I didn't know that you were such a rookie driver... ;-) But if you don't have a drivers license, you usually don't have a car either, so your argument leaves me somewhat sceptical...! ;-)

stromsjo said...

With neither vehicle nor license, life as we know it is still possible. I suppose that was my hypothesis.

Some background reading here...