On the bottom of the Rhine

Dear Rick, 

I saw one of your operas last night; you know the one with the swimming Rhine maidens, the smith with the silly helmet, the big snake and the rainbow. The Rhinegold, first part of that 4-pack series The Nibelung's Ring. Quite impressive really. After 125 years you’re filling the Royal Opera in Stockholm to the very last seat (well, except those reserved for the royals themselves but they rarely go no matter what’s playing). 

Unfortunately I didn’t understand one iota. This first part is supposed to be fairly positive (one critic even referred to it as comedy) but to me it was all gloomy, bombastic, mostly incomprehensible and entirely boring. Sorry Rick, but that’s how I felt. I’m no opera expert but I’ve seen quite a few over the recent twenty years so I wouldn’t consider myself a beginner. Last night I really felt like one. You know that feeling when you’re the only one in a crowd who doesn’t understand the common language. 

But I suppose it’s just me. The others seemed thrilled to be there. Concentrated from the very first note, appreciative afterwards. Maybe I’ll try another one of your operas. Not anytime soon though. 


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