still kicking

One year later, still blogging.

I suppose the main reason for my per sistence :) is the fact that I had a slightly more realistic approach than some fellow bloggers. I certainly didn’t expect a rise to fame but I enjoy expressing myself in all sorts of formats and the web log is a convenient way of sharing a thought or maybe a picture. And I never accepted the idea that a blogger has to publish things on a daily basis whether she has anything to say or not. In my world, it’s better to wait until I’ve got something on my mind.

My thanks to those who haven’t given up on reading and a special thanks to those who commented. There haven’t been many comments. Unfortunately Blogger does not provide the reader with any hint about where in a blog some recent comment has appeared. So when there actually is a bit of dialogue a while after the initial post, like on the Sahlin topic (thanks Dave!) most readers will miss it unless I re-post or advertise in some other fashion.

Anyway, welcome to a second year of per spective.

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