where is Jeb?

US Presidents are rarely recruited from the Senate. Many senators have tried. Al Gore almost made it. But the dream is still alive with quite a few on Capitol Hill. Few believe that Hillary Clinton would be satisfied to top her career with a senatorship. Instead, speculations are increasingly focused around her and how she tries to reposition herself as a moderate just in time for the 2008 campaign.

My firm belief is that eight Clinton years are quite enough, thank you. But I can understand the tantalizing perspective of the Bush and Clinton families already maintaining control for two entire decades:

  • George Bush 1989-1993
  • Bill Clinton 1993-2001
  • George W Bush 2001-2009

Mona Charen cautions us to take Hillary seriously:

If Hillary Clinton is to be kept from the Oval Office, Republicans will need a game plan... Example: Hillary should not be permitted to keep silent on issues that may box her in. Her preferred tactic is to coast to the nomination without having to commit herself. Republicans should demand to hear her views on taxes, on the United Nations, on tort reform, on the Patriot Act, Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons, in short, on every conceivable question that will bear on the 2008 race.

If senators rarely reach the Oval Office, governors frequently do.

Now, where is Jeb ?

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