compact living - revisited

OK, so it's official.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with my SLR camera but photography has become immensely boring. It's too heavy to carry around unless I have some specific shooting in mind. Consequently, the camera stays home six days a week and snapping photos has turned into a Planned Activity on Rare Occasions.

Clinging to a Point&Shoot is not supposed to be healthy for anyone aiming to take photography seriously. Still, I did cling for years and I miss those days. I suppose my photos are in some respect technically "better" these days but they're also rather uninspired. Creative moments are few and far between and I blame my heavy-weight SLR companion. In my world, a camera should be something handy to stick in your bag (or - even better - your pocket!) and forget about until the moment you encounter Something Worthy of Being Snapped.

So, let it be known. I miss my P&S.
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