a new center of the Solar System

For centuries there was widespread disagreement on whether the rest of the universe revolved around the Earth. I used to think that the heliocentric perspective was sort of established. Well, apparently I missed the Swedish Social Democratic party where many seem to believe that the party headquarter at 68 Sveavägen, Stockholm is the true center of gravity.

The party is looking for a new leader and many are calling for EU Commissioner Margot Wallström expecting her to leave her mission in Brussels and come home to take the lead after Göran Persson. Wallström would certainly be a good candidate for many positions but – excuse me for suggesting this – her current job is vastly more important for the people of Europe than becoming a party chair in Stockholm. I’m amazed that so many people fail to realize what a vital position Wallström holds, being number two in the Commission. She’s doing a great job and would be ill advised to terminate prematurely what she calls her mission irresistible.
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