old party, old passwords

As a diversion from yesterday’s televised interview with opposition leader Reinfeldt the governing Social Democrats conveniently launched a big hoopla about alleged intrusions into their computer network. A police investigation will start and, again conveniently, this probably won’t come up with any conclusions before Election Day. Good timing.

Obviously, if the investigation would reveal intrusions that would be just as unacceptable as other irregularities during this campaign. They all contribute to undermining our democracy.

The opposition party Folkpartiet is supposed to have directed their campaign using key information from their opponents. One example would be that on August 3 the opposition leaders proclaimed that they would make a joint bus tour at the same day when Prime Minister Persson had announced his own bus tour. How extraordinary! Who has ever heard about politicians traveling before an election? Obviously, this must be a major conspiracy...

One commentator makes confused comparisons with Watergate. Well, for the record, Watergate was about a third-rate burglary and wouldn’t have been remembered at all unless it had been followed by a major cover-up. I wouldn’t compare that with today’s embarrassment and excuses.

One final point from a slightly different perspective. If people in the inner circle of the Social Democratic party are given access to sensitive information it might be a good idea for them to keep it to themselves. Any citizen today is supposed to be able to protect pin codes and similar personal secrets. If you do change your password once in a while you wouldn’t have to shout about someone misusing it for half a year or more.

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