unidentified flying comrade

I don’t care much for insects. They’re great bird food and they probably do a lot of useful work but we have sort of a mutual agreement. I ignore them and they’re perfectly busy so they ignore me as well.

However, there is one exception. The first flying insect is solid (well) confirmation that winter is gone. Minutes ago a flying something bumped twice against the outside of my window. I guess that makes it officially spring. Minutes earlier the final series of this year’s ice hockey championship ended as well. And those green-and-white fellows won today.
Say no more!
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Kiwi said...

Yes, we like the warmer temperatures. So that's one thing OK. The bugs, however, is another matter.

When I lived in Africa (Nairobi, Kenya) we had the flying thingee dubbed the Nairobi Eye. It was a beautiful little flying thing with, if I remember correctly, a bright orange and blue striped body.

The name came from the fact (well) that it aimed for your eyes. And that when it hit your eyes it made you blind or at least partially blind.

I think I settle for two thumps on my window for sumer.

PS None of my friends, or people otherwise close to me, went blind due to the Nairobi Eye.

stromsjo said...

Most of the dangerous creatures are somehow lamer and tamer (if they exist at all) on our latitudes so we can thankfully note a stunning absence by the Nairobi Eye. Nasty bug, I’m sure.

Ming the Merciless said...

For me, I know summer is here because I'm sweating all the time.