going the extra mile

Sometimes you find yourself in the swim of things.

Scene 37, take 1:

Me in one lane. I'm doing fairly well. Slower than last year since I had to take a break for several months due to an injury but there's still hope. Back in the weekly routine now, sort of.

In the next lane, this guy. A bit faster. Not much but keeping a steady pace I can't follow. So what, he might give up after 500 meters like so many others, I think to myself. Oh no. He continues and swims the same distance I do. Same pace all the way. Ok, so he's a bit better but I'm improving too. He leaves the pool before me. Then I notice. This guy has only one leg.

Curtains, please.
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Pia K said...

*Ouch* talk about getting a new perspective on things...

stromsjo said...

I tell you, that was the eye-opener of the week. At least. All sorts of feelings really. Terribly impressed of course by his achievement and at the same time feeling absolutely ridiculous with my childish competing ambitions.

Anonymous said...

You crucial to now your enemy!