stop wasting my money

Why on earth is Stockholm City Council the main sponsor of our local philharmonic orchestra? Their mandate is about health care and public transportation for well over a million residents. OK. We've got good health care and good public transportation but there are so many in need in this city, so many holes to pour additional money into.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the local philharmonics. In fact, I'm a regular visitor at their concerts and have been for a quarter of a century. But let me pay for my own tickets and concentrate on your core business, dear city council.
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Pia K said...

Taxes are a good thing, that is if the money is spent wisely and with care - something which sadly is far from always the case. This is precisely one of many reasons why I never want to work in the public sector again, the excess wasting of public money on a daily basis without *anyone* putting their foot down. Grump.

stromsjo said...

Well, with our levels of taxation there's a lot of money in that sector.

I suppose waste is a harsh term in the case I'm referring to. The money *is* spent for a good cause. Still, one shouldn't address all sorts of good intentions through the wrong budget.

Thanks Pia.