talking straight

Risk should be objectively described.

If a risk isn't clearly described, it simply isn't understood and will not be effectively treated.

Poor risk descriptions all but ensure that valuable insight from the SRA never reaches the right ears.

Objectivity in risk description requires pedagogy, language skills and sufficient boldness to communicate in no uncertain terms so that all stakeholders will understand the risk - through its interrelated components - the same way we did when constructing it.


Meg said...

Hello, Per, long time no see. How are you? A Finnish friend living in Nelson but also someone who lived in Stockholm for a while told me about this: http://www.colourbynumbers.org/en/still.html. I'm going to try doing this tomorrow morning, sometime like 8 or 9 am our time, which I think is 7 or 8PM tonight. Can you see it from where you live?

stromsjo said...

Hi Meg, long time indeed...

I wasn't aware this light installation is permanent. Kind of a funny idea, learned about it a while back. It's an hour's drive south of where I am so I cannot see it.

Hope you're fine too. Those were fine years in the 'daily' business...