enter Knowledge Security

Philosophy informs us that knowledge requires belief, truth, and justification. Let x be an assertion, e.g. "Sweden is not Snowden", and suppose I claim to know x. If so, I have to believe x, x must be true, and my belief in x must be justified.

Knowledge appears to be information which is correct and which has been logically internalized. Information exists on its own but knowledge requires an actor. When would it be meaningful to talk about Knowledge Security, rather than Information Security?


motivation happened

Why did I grow to like studying?

It's about perspectives. Relating findings in one discipline to questions in another context, such as my work life. It feels more rewarding to theoretically explore current issues at work, rather than merely memorizing (seemingly) abstract stuff for an upcoming exam.

And it's about giving back. With the benefit of experience, I find myself in situations where I can contribute. Students and lecturers expect me to offer my input.

How could I not feel motivated?