Safe UX - part of the InfoSec narrative

What happens "between" the strategic and technical Information Security layers in an organisation?

My recent Operativ informationssäkerhet course was fully booked with 19 participants and featured no less than six guest lecturers.

In the photo collage from top left - Sebastian Åkerman (Security Architecture), Henrik Kraft (Safe UX - a new session), Lars Åsander (Crisis Management), Andreas Sjödin (Continuity in a bank), Tomas Karlsson (Agile & Security), Nada Kapidzic Cicovic (Secure Development).


on the limitations of copy-paste


What does security mean for your organisation, and why does it matter? Who in the business is responsible for what aspects of security? How will you measure it, and who will?

Go check the policy.

A policy shouldn't merely exist (although that seems to have been the purpose with some copy-paste examples).

A well-adapted InfoSec policy can be immensely powerful. It is your vehicle for effectively delegating the responsibility for measurable security. Taking a second look at your policy can be time well spent.