Art in Digital Environments

Art in Digital Environments is a course on which I'm about to embark.

There is hardly any agreed definition of art. Leaving that aside, what about those digital environments? I can imagine different interpretations.

  • traditional analog art being documented and shared digitally
  • analog art being digitised for reasons of preservation
  • art which involves digital elements but also traditional techniques
  • human-created art for a digital medium
  • art created by an algorithm

Now, this should keep us busy for a while.


what is "good"?


What do we mean by sustainability?

When something is sustainable, it becomes enduring, even persistent. Before there was much talk about sustainability, people would prefer any "good" condition to be enduring - be that individual affection, corporate profit, communal health or territorial peace.

So, what defines a "good", preferably long-lasting, condition? That is a value judgment. The value you and I place on health, wealth and freedom will differ.

To define sustainability, we need to agree on what is "good".


how decisions happen

I've been reading about different perspectives on decision-making.

  • I'm a rational individual, I know my preferences, analyse every consequence and choose the best alternative.
  • Well, I haven't got the information or the time to make a perfect decision. Rationality is bounded.
  • I'm implementing my identity by deciding according to (the right) rules, at the right time, in the right fashion.
  • As a decision-maker I'm rarely alone. What happens in a team with conflicting identities and values?

To be continued...