go see!

It was just another wild idea. Together with a friend I made several long rail journeys through Sweden. We were in our twenties and found train-riding to be the ultimate pastime. Solving philosophical problems with a soul-mate, a cup of tea in the restaurant car and this lovely land of ours passing by outside the window. It was just for a winter, then we went different ways but the idea was already forming in my head: go see Sweden! There's so much to enjoy, it's a huge country with very distinct seasons. Take a year, spend some money, do it right.

Eighteen years went by and my idea lay deep in the pile of dreams-never-to-be but somehow I couldn't let go. Finally in October 2003 the time was right. I was on a three-week trip through France and Italy and I was bored stiff. Having the Mediterranean glittering outside the first-class-compartment and a ticket for Sicily in my wallet was just fine, the train-tour had cost a small fortune but I was homesick.

By the time of Christmas I made the decision. I had been saving vacation time without any particular purpose. Now here was my purpose. On New Years Eve I went to Stockholm Central Station and purchased a twelve-month first-class rail-pass. The time had come to go see Sweden 2004.

(edited, previously posted 2005-03-03)

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