It’s not the heat

It's not the heat. I can’t stand warm weather so I try to have air conditioning installed wherever I lay my hat. It’s not the green stuff, truly beautiful but my allergy requires constant medication and I keep sneezing from March to June. It’s not the birds - a busy woodpecker keeps waking me up by hammering my cottage. What is it, then? It’s the light, the Nordic light. The slow evenings, just a couple of dusky hours and on comes the light again. With the birds, the green stuff and the heat. Well, you can’t win’em all! So I turn up my AC, I blow my nose and take some more Loratadin, I forgive the woodpecker and wish I could save some of this light for a darker, gloomier day. 

Midsummer at Storulvån, Jämtland 2004 Posted by Hello 

And I remember Midsummer last year at Storulvån in Jämtland. Beautiful surroundings, friendly people, superb dining. Wish I could be with you again this year. Happy Midsummer, in Storulvån and everywhere!



A little girl, less than a day old, was murdered before Christmas 2002 and found in Kungsängen, north of Stockholm. She was buried a year later. The tragedy is still a complete mystery. Who is she? Who did this? Why?


June 6 in Sweden: And now it's official!

Not exactly sure what we’re celebrating today but… anyway... hooray!  
Formerly unofficial national day at Sofiero outside Helsingborg, June 6 2004.


Grundlov in Denmark

One day early but what the heck... Congratulations, Denmark!  
Constitution Day at Nationalmuseet in Copenhagen, June 5 2004.


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Did you also grow up in a world where newspapers where the only conceivable way to start a day? So did Michael Kinsley and this column is hilarious.


caution: fragile Union

The history of Europe hasn’t exactly been peaceful. 

Bringing an end to our wars by tying the countries closer together is what the Union is all about. If this project should fail there is every reason to be worried. So I can’t really imagine why anyone with a tiny knowledge of history would be gloating about the recent setbacks. It’s not a perfect union but it’s the only one we’ve got. Let’s take good care of it. The alternative is distinctly unpleasant.