five more years?

So, Silvio is up for re-election and tomorrow we’ll know. He’s obviously not the kind of person you would embrace wholeheartedly. Too many arrogant statements over the years have partly undermined his credibility.

Still, I give him credit for providing a stable government coalition in Italy. That was something unheard of in a country which on average changed government once or twice per year. I give him credit for keeping the communists in the cold. The fact that the communist party has been considered one of the country’s leading forces has been a national shame for decades. And I give him credit for standing by the US on the Iraq issue. When most leaders on this continent went into hiding in 2003 or tried some populist pirouettes Silvio stood firm.

Berlusconi remains the best choice available as far as I’m concerned. We’ll soon find out what the Italian voters think.

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