"a useful bridge to even greener sources of energy"

An editorial in yesterday’s New York Times further underscores that the times are truly changing. Civilian nuclear power production – an industry which was almost brought to a standstill due to irrational fears and a nostalgic drive for a low-tech-society - is once again met with cautious interest:

There is good reason to give nuclear power a fresh look. It can diversify our sources of energy with a fuel - uranium - that is both abundant and inexpensive. More important, nuclear energy can replace fossil-fuel power plants for generating electricity, reducing the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute heavily to global warming.

Finland decided to revive its nuclear program a few years ago and is about to expand it further. How many years should Sweden waste before deciding to follow their example? Could we at least stop dismantling fully functional reactors and terminate the government of Göran Persson?

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