back to the future in Ådalen

Ådalen in the middle of Sweden is a place of stunning beauty, negative growth and a bit of dark history.

The clash 75 years ago between striking workers and armed forces which cost the lives of five people is a shameful episode to be remembered. Still, we can be grateful to live in a country where this kind of oppression hasn’t occurred in almost a century and where the like is nowhere to be seen today.

The Social Democrats keep bringing up the events of Ådalen. Facing a new world with Latvian builders, a unified European defense structure and a looming showdown between freedom and oppression in the Muslim world looking back is natural for a party with no strategy for the present, much less the future. Still, if there are any intellectuals left in the party of Göran Persson they should be pretty embarrassed by now. Instead of offering a vision for the future, instead of showcasing their recent track record they insist on trying to invent an enemy who simply hasn’t been around for 75 years.

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