top ten Persson (6) the Survivor

Persson is a survivor.

You don’t have to love him. In fact, few people do. He stays on top anyway. Unlike his predecessors Palme (who was loved and hated wherever he went) and Carlsson (who rarely stirred any emotions) Persson is sort of “disliked but respected”.

And he does survive. I remember election night 1994 when former Moderate leader Bohman expressed deep worries that the nation could be facing all sorts of turmoil and hardship due to the socialist majority. I completely agreed with him. We were both completely wrong. Persson has managed to keep his odd informal red-green coalition together and unless the voters have him removed there is no internal party opposition capable of doing that.

Persson survives and stays as long as he pleases.

ten reasons to appreciate Göran Persson
5 ...
6 the Survivor
7 a Stockholm less congested
8 pro-Israel
environmental awareness
10 an international defence

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