back in school

I’ve always had a complex relationship to schools. As a kid I studied a lot, got top degrees and for a confused moment I actually believed these degrees would open any doors in life until I learnt that – no, son – you’d better get some experience as well. Bummer. The strange thing is that I never enjoyed studying; it was sort of a duty.

As an adult I spent four years at the university, still with good degrees. This time obviously I had a target as I was aiming for a particular exam. But, amazingly, there was still no joy in studying. I was (and I am) interested in my profession but the minute I actually *have* to read a particular book and be done by a particular date it becomes an obligation and booring.

Fifteen years after my exam I sort of returned, this time for some odd courses to be completed while working in parallel. There is no pressure; I’m doing this because I want to. So let’s see. Maybe I’ll finally experience some joy in studying? I’ve always envied those who do.

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