prime-time violence

Something is flickering and spinning outside my window. I try to ignore it. After all, I’m terribly occupied Doing Something Important. The flickering and spinning continues. There’s a frenzy of activity in a spider’s web out there. Reluctantly I take a closer look. A semi-small flying-something (well, you know my expertise in the field of insects) is entangled but moving. His (?) antennae are flickering wildly. He’s not alone out there. The Systems Administrator for this particular Web 2.0 is busy preparing and packaging his catch. All of a sudden the flickering ends. The spider climbs upwards out of my view but still very much in control because soon enough the package is being lifted, also out of sight. The flying-something is now officially someone’s dinner, ending this episode of prime-time violence. [...and now, the weather forecast]
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