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Photo blogs are a dime a dozen these days. I was old enough to understand I wouldn't become rich or famous and yet I started a bunch of new ones. What drives me?

I like words. I like writing. I want to write. I need to write. I keep writing wherever I am. Ask any colleague and they could tell you about endless emails on all sorts of topics. Writing, that's me. So what could be better than publishing? The web log is perfect for that. Simple, cheap technology, available to anyone these days. Yes, a web log. (At least one!)

Words are what makes me tick. Doesn't have to be my own words. I love being an "editor". The person who brings stuff together from several contributors into a seamless flow, tries to put it all together into something appealing to the reader. And then provides feedback. "Hey folks, next week we need something about this." The unsung hero of publishing, the editor. I'd love to become one and I'll keep on training as long as my friends allow me to... ;)

Last but not least I want to learn about photography. Getting those photos every month in very different circumstances is good training. After all, I'm not a very good photographer. But I intend to become one. Stay tuned for that...
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Pia K said...

I brist på det perfekta engelska ordet för detta - mycket trivsam läsning i det här inlägget. Behöver jag säga att jag SÅ känner igen mig:)

Kunterbunt said...

You have so many weblogs ... I never know where to comment. Why not here? Because I feel the same about writing. It's a wonderful thing to keep your thoughts and impressions on paper, forever.

stromsjo said...

Pia: Kanske är vi exempel på en särskild sorts nördar: skriv-nördar? ;)

April: You're so right but this is my only personal blog. The rest are sort of joint ventures among a growing circle of friends. An interesting aspect is that a thought, an idea can become more clear just by being written down. Much like the situation when you discover the answer to a tricky problem the moment you tell someone about it. Words not only document but bring the process forward. Words are magic.

Thanks, both, for commenting.

Kiwi said...

Hello friend! It's an interesting way to tackle the urge to write - to start a photo blog. Anyway, I'm glad you did! And you get to live out as editor as well, a good one I might add!

stromsjo said...

Thanks Peter. Journalists in mainstream media find it hard to appreciate the blogosphere and there are plenty of remarks stating the obvious: not everyone writing has anything objectively interesting to say and the audience for blogs is hardly measurable. To me the blog is a place to tackle this urge, as you put it, and to learn by doing. Most people out jogging will never win any championship medals and they have no intention to. Still, they're running. And I'm writing. Good for us.