know me by my work

- This is so yummy.

The cook looks at me and smiles. I shouldn't say that - he adds - since I cooked this myself but there's just so much love behind this dish.

He's an artist in his own right, trying to make a living in a competitive climate where not every restaurant will comply with taxation laws. Somehow, his words moved me. Pure, simple pride in a work well done. I wish him a successful year and many delighted lunch guests in the golf restaurant.


Jenny said...

"Instant branding"...! I shan't bother you with rants about brand-building - but I think you got your lunch served with a good portion of personality to go with it - and I can almost taste it all the way over here...!

Pia K said...


stromsjo said...

Affirmative, Jenny. Effective branding in a nutshell.

Thanks, Pia. Unfortunately I missed the veggie alternative but I read about it while leaving (great timing, huh?) and that sounded great.

Kiwi said...

Vilken restaurang är det?