thanks for asking

Monday 2.30AM among high-rise buildings in the eastern, commercial part of Kista. Silence. Next to a quiet, empty six-lane road, a man is squatting. A police car drives up and the officers realize what's going on.

- Hi! Are you getting any good photographs tonight?

As a matter of fact I wasn't. The sky was boring and the mood wasn't right. But thanks for asking. Thanks for being there for us.


Jenny said...

I wonder if I'm overly prejudiced for finding this surprisingly unsuspicious of the policeman (-woman?)... But surprising in a very positive way, of course!

I hope next Monday night/small hours of morning will be more rewarding - in photographs, and not "just" unexpected meetings...! (Although those are valuable too!)

stromsjo said...

Slightly prejudiced, I'd say... :)

A policeman it was (or two of them, to be precise).

I expect to be venturing outdoors in the wee hours again this summer but the next few weeks are in fact not that attractive from my perspective. The closer we get to Midsummer, the less dark it gets.

Thanks, Jenny.

Mo said...

Yep know those days

Tinsie said...

I've had some encounters with our own police force just lately - also very positive. They arrived so quickly when called it was as if they were THERE. I must say, I found it very reassuring.

Plus, one of the PCs was soooo cute it was a real pleasure giving a statement :-)