feeling secure

Which is most important to you – being secure or feeling secure?

Should we spend resources on “real” risk rather than perceived risk?

If you and I don’t feel secure, our behavior will change. We might not open our door when a neighbor knocks. We might choose to skip that new mobile service.

Also, perceived risk influences real risk. Suppose grown-ups stop riding the subway at night due to perceived risk. This might contribute to real risk for those still there.

Being secure is a lot about feeling secure.


the risk perspective

You and I make many decisions every day. Most are trivial, we don’t even think of them as decisions. (Should I wear grey socks?) Once in a while, we face an important decision. (Should I buy this house?) How can I make a smart choice?

In the best of worlds, there would be a guideline for every situation. Someone wiser than me would have foreseen the choices I face and offered his wisdom.

In the real world, in the absence of this monumental handbook, we have to fend for ourselves. One important tool is thinking of risk. What are my alternatives and what consequences will they carry? The risk perspective.