What happened?

People change. We grow older, possibly slightly wiser although in many cases that’d be subject to debate. Our preferences change. What used to be a priority doesn’t even show up on the radar screen any more. What happened?

As an example, take yours truly and watching televised sports. A couple of decades ago I was totally absorbed by big sports events. I was even known to schedule vacations to fit the Olympics or Wimbledon. I spent hours upon hours watching those broadcasts, taking notes, speculating. I even rescheduled my daily life when there were time zone differences to handle.

In the early nineties I skipped most of the long live broadcasts and went directly for the daily summaries of what had taken place. Half an hour instead of several hours.

Then I stopped bothering about the early qualifying stages. But I still followed the finals; the most important stuff as long as it didn’t collide with other things.

And now? I might browse quickly through the sports pages in my daily paper. TV is off.

What happened?
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inspired said...

your right about changes one day you may say ""what happened???

Ming the Merciless said...

It's called GROWING OLD!! :-)

Your priorities changed and you are less incline to devote your time to something that has become less important.

It happens to everyone.

stromsjo said...

>It's called GROWING OLD!! :-)

:) Quite right. And, interestingly, I don’t regret it. On the contrary. I’d pity a person who manages to walk through life without actually drawing any conclusions on things like priorities.

ICE_Molly said...

Although we are growing older, I'd rather look at it from the point of view, that my priorities are just different now. It's funny to have read this, as I had just been pondering the same thing...

BTW, do you still follow Wimbledon?... I am a tennis player and fan!!

And, thanks a bunch for stoping by Hayle Photos!!

stromsjo said...

Hi ICE_Molly!

>BTW, do you still
>follow Wimbledon?

I’m afraid not. I used to play quite a bit of tennis myself. Mind you, only at hobby level but it was a lot of fun and all that coincided with a period when Swedish elite players were remarkably successful. At one point Sweden had five men ranked top-10 with the ATP. That’s quite something for a smallish country. Well, those were the days... :)