So I did get myself an autumn week in Scania after all. I deserved that! Beside delicious fish, warmer weather, more daylight and friendly people I got to see a bit of successful city planning. I'm talking about the railway station Svågertorp or Malmö South. Yes, it's a noisy and windy place but it's a commuter's paradise. At the intersection of two highways you have access to all sorts of regional train connections, be it to Kastrup or Lund, Gothenburg or Humlebaek. A thousand cars, maybe more, patiently wait for their respective owners who didn't have to drive into central Malmö for their train connections. Why can't we have decent satellite stations around Stockholm? Learn from Malmö and do it now, please!


Kiwi said...

Yes, it's a dull place put perfect in many ways! I once parked my car there and took the train to Kastrup for a flight to Italy. While I was away I had my car washed. Perfect for me!

stromsjo said...

Sounds great. The only cloud on the sky then is the new city tunnel (a good thing in itself, trains from Stockholm will be able to continue to Copenhagen rather than turn around and "back out of Malmö”) which might disconnect Svågertorp again.

Irina Palm said...

Here some more about that subject


stromsjo said...

Now remember to stay positive, Irina! Thanks for the link.